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We provide a Safe Healing Environment where women:

  • Are supported to ‘be’ themselves
  • Encouraged to express their dreams, desires, and feelings
  • Experience a sense of community
  • Receive counseling sessions with women experienced in the ways of accelerated spiritual growth
  • Spend time in a Nature sanctuary dedicated to women’s healing

We offer four-day spiritual retreats for groups of four women in which participants receive unprecedented support for accelerating their sacred spiritual journeys to wholeness and authentic Soul expression. In these retreats, women:

  • Experience profound safety and support
  • Experience unique healing processes through which they transcend painful experiences of abuse and victimization
  • Transform the darkness within through the effulgent light of the Soul
  • Breakthrough previous limitations and open to expanded possibilities
  • Restore and strengthen their confidence and self-worth
  • Clarify their higher purpose and set the stage for greater leadership in their circle of influence